Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Elixir 7 (E7) Purification System

The Elixir 7 (E7) Purification System was developed to provide a holistic cost effective Combination Therapy to help fight malaria. E7 combines Western knowledge, Eastern Science and Traditional African Herbal Wisdom.

There are at least 300 million acute cases of malaria each year globally, resulting in more than a million deaths. Around 90% of these deaths occur in Africa, mostly in young children. Malaria kills more children in Africa than any other single disease—one child every 45 seconds. The rapid spread of resistance to ant-malarial drugs, coupled with widespread poverty, weak health infrastructure, and, in some countries, civil unrest, means that mortality from malaria in Africa continues to rise.

If we continue to do what we have always done, we will continue to get what we have always got. Something needs to change. The E7 Malaria Initiative is a catalyst for that change, a new cost effective holistic approach to help end malaria's death grip on Africa.

The Elixir 7 Purification System is based on a harmonious relationship between our immune system, phyto nutrition and self healing. Our mission is to promote the global fight against malaria through natural and holistic applications which can give assistance to the global poor without being dependent on costly Western drugs, who are disproportionately afflicted by the malaria parasite.

The net result is a purification that enhances and works in harmony with the natural chemistry of the human body. E7 kills the malaria parasite by oxidizing its vital antioxidants. E7 Reflex regulates the organs and endocrine glands to speed recovery and E7 Nutritional Supplement delivers more than 63 antioxidants, 21 amino acids and over 21 vitamins & minerals to replenish, balance, fortify and assist in the healing of the body.

The vast majority of malaria deaths occur in Africa, where malaria also presents major obstacles to social and economic development. Malaria has been estimated to cost Africa more than US$ 12 billion every year in lost GDP, even though it could be controlled for a fraction of that sum. The E7 Purification System is an extremely cost effective solution at Euro 1.25 per application, each kit provides around 10 malaria applications.

A major function of E7 Nutritional Supplement in its non specific role as a detoxifying agent is its high in vitamin C content. Vitamin C reacts with any foreign substance acting as a blocking agent and in so doing it stops the foreign body from reaching the blood, vitamin C nullifies the toxicity of drugs and helps prevent liver damage from malaria.

Our body requires 40 nutrients which cannot be made within the body from these nutrients our bodies synthesize over 10,000 different compounds essential to the maintenance of optimum health. Research shows that most diseases are produced by an under-supply of various combinations of nutrients and these missing nutrients which allow illnesses to develop have been discarded in most processed and refined foods.

E7 Combination Therapy

The protocol for the E7 purification system for various abnormal conditions that manifest themselves in the
human body is as follows:

Start with one drop, every hour, for five hours (five per day), for week one. The next week take two drops every hour (ten per day). Continue until you reach three drops or 15 per day.

If you notice nausea or diarrhoea, reduce the dose by one drop; reduce for one or two times before going back the amount that it took to make you nauseous. Hydration of your body is important, so make sure you drink 3 glasses of water at room temperature every hour.

Press all the points of E7 Reflex Therapy on both palms daily for about ten minutes and take 5g of E7 Nutritional Supplement in hot milk or water two hours after the last application of the day.

Assuming you have graduated from the body cleansing process in which you took more and more drops of activated Elixir 7 up to a maximum of three drops holding that level for seven days, then in most cases you are now well cleared of body toxins, pathogens, poisons, heavy metals, yeast, and fungus.

To maintain your purification level of Elixir 7 you should take three drops twice a day, three times a week, integrated with E7 Reflex Therapy & E7 Nutritional Supplement to maintain a correct level of purification. 

For example Monday, Wednesday, Friday, then rest until the following Monday. This regime should be followed week in week out so that you maintain a correct level of purification for your specific condition.